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Pension Superfunds Return to the De-Risking Menu

The UK government has signalled the importance of introducing a permanent superfund regulatory regime. By Victoria Sander After the excitement around Clara-Pensions’ approval as a “superfund”, or pension consolidator, in late 2021, the market generally expected that other pension superfund structures would soon follow suit. Last year’s mini-budget and the ensuing liability-driven investment (LDI) crisis, … Continue Reading

Cramming Down Pension Liabilities: The Final Frontier?

Defined benefit pension arrangements in the UK may not be immune to cross-class cramdown powers under a Part 26A restructuring plan. By Shaun M. Thompson, Hafza Hussein, Paul R. Lawrence, and Tim Bennett As the UK looks set to enter a new restructuring cycle, the question remains whether a restructuring plan (RP) could be used … Continue Reading