By Karl Mah and Sean Finn

Against a stormy backdrop of government instability and Brexit uncertainty, the 2017 Budget was always unlikely to rock the boat. The Chancellor chose not to launch a sweeping attack on “tax avoiders” in light of the public outrage over the Paradise Papers, instead targeting announcements in this area at specific perceived abuses.

The Budget contained some welcome developments around the key areas of real estate taxation and the digital economy, though there is clearly

By Andrew Moyle and Stuart Davis

The UK government’s 2017 Autumn Budget included some measures of particular interest for fintech firms, demonstrating the government’s continued commitment to making the UK a world-leading fintech hub.

The government has provided only scant detail on these measures at present, but no doubt firms will be watching closely to see how they are developed, and what benefits they can bring for the fintech sector.

Pioneer Fund

First, the government is planning a “Regulators’ Pioneer Fund” — a £10 million fund to help unlock the potential of emerging technologies. The aim is to help regulators develop innovative approaches aimed at getting new products and services to market.