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Creative Uses of Collateral Present New Financing Opportunities for PE

Innovative asset-based lending is on the rise as a means of attracting new lenders while maintaining the strategic support of existing creditors. By Francesco Lione, David Walker, Tom Evans, and Catherine Campbell Raising fresh capital for portfolio companies in times of financial stress is always a delicate balancing act between attracting new lenders and maintaining … Continue Reading

Accounting for COVID-19 and Future Pandemics When Procuring IT Services – 5 Steps for Success

As IT vendors grapple with the impacts and risks of COVID-19, how can customers manage exposure when contracting for new services? By Alain Traill, Christian F. McDermott, and Andrew C. Moyle COVID-19 has — temporarily or otherwise — disrupted the status quo. For IT vendors the situation is no different, with many being forced to … Continue Reading