By John Balsdon and Matthew Brown

By Way of Background

Gas to power (G2P) projects provide an effective solution to power shortages around the globe. As the global demand for power continues to rise, outstripping supply in many nations across the world, existing power generation facilities cannot meet the needs of fast-growing economies and available domestic fuel sources are in many of those economies declining.  G2P has the potential to deliver cleaner, more accessible energy to power the engine of global growth, and the next generation of G2P projects will likely underpin a new era in energy production.

G2P projects span the full energy value chain — covering gas production, treatment, transport and power generation. More than 50 G2P projects have been announced across the globe, and countries continue to announce new innovative programmes. Ghana and Chile are among the countries that have recently implemented G2P projects. And the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam are among those likely to turn to G2P to satisfy their future energy needs.