ESG reporting standards

Dealmakers should continue to weigh the impact of ESG issues on M&A deals as ESG standards evolve.

By Richard Butterwick, Pierre-Louis Cléro, Paul A. Davies, Tobias Larisch, Michael D. Green, James Bee, and Catherine Campbell

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have become increasingly important for corporates in recent years, driven initially by investor and consumer demand, and now by legislative developments across multiple jurisdictions.

As ESG becomes a growing part of the dealmaking conversation and acquirers seek to improve ESG credentials through individual acquisitions, the M&A market is showing a greater demand for enhanced ESG due diligence, particularly in relation to value chains. A wider range of deal provisions are being considered in light of their potential to enhance the ESG outlook of acquisitions. Further, regulatory developments and forthcoming changes mean that reporting obligations, both voluntary and mandatory, should remain front of mind. In this M&A Views article, we consider how corporates and M&A dealmakers are responding to the growing importance of ESG.