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CMA COVID-19 Taskforce to Investigate Unfair Cancellation and Refund Practices

The CMA has launched a programme of work to investigate reports of businesses failing to respect cancellation rights during the COVID-19 pandemic. By John D. Colahan and Anuj Ghai The CMA’s COVID-19 Taskforce Update on 24 April 2020 noted that its COVID-19 Taskforce had received a significant volume of complaints about unfair practices in relation … Continue Reading

Commercial or Consular? State Immunity Frustrates Enforcement of Arbitral Award

By Catriona E. Paterson In its recent decision in L R Avionics Technologies Limited v. The Federal Republic of Nigeria & Attorney General of the Federation of Nigeria[1], the Commercial Court found that that premises owned by Nigeria were not “in use […] for commercial purposes” within the meaning of section 13(4) of the State Immunity … Continue Reading