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English Court Refuses to Extend Time for Serving a Claim Form

Claimants and practitioners must be mindful of the period in which a claim form must be served after filing. By Oliver E. Browne and Kavan M. Bakhda In Viner v. Volkswagen Group Limited [2018] EWHC 2006 (QB) Senior Master Fontaine refused the claimants’ application to extend time to serve a claim form that had been … Continue Reading

UK Supreme Court Adopts New “Range of Factors” Approach to Defence of Illegality

By Dan Smith and Anna Hyde The UK Supreme Court has rejected a formal “reliance” test to determine whether a defendant to a civil claim can rely on the claimant’s wrongdoing to defeat the claim, replacing it with a more fact-sensitive “range of factors” approach, which may expand cases in which the defence operates. “No … Continue Reading