D.P.C.M. now includes measures for certain manufacturing industries, as well as call centres and civil engineering works, but excludes employment agencies.

By Giancarlo D’Ambrosio and Giovanni B. Sandicchi

By decree of the Ministry of Economic Development, adopted yesterday and in force since today, March, 26, 2020, several amendments have been made to the list annexed to the D.P.C.M. of March 22, 2020.

Specifically, from March 28 to April 3, the suspension of activities comes into force for the manufacture of machinery for the agricultural industry, for the food, beverage, and tobacco industries, and for rubber articles, production of strings, cables, ropes, and netting. Restrictions will also be imposed on the activities of call centres, manufacturing of plastic products, wood packaging, paper products, chemicals, as well as civil engineering works.

The updated list of essential activities that are not suspended now includes, the manufacture of glass packaging for food, the production of batteries, electric batteries, and accumulators, and the activities of employment agencies.

Companies that had not been suspended as a result of the Prime Ministerial Decree of March 22, but will now have to suspend their activities, will be allowed to complete the activities necessary for the suspension — including the shipment of goods in stock — before March 28.